Join Devinci Global Racing athletes as they explore the region's diverse terrain, from the technical rock gardens and fast flowy trails of Bromont to the breathtaking vistas and climbs of Sutton. They'll also test their skills on the progression focused Wolf Bike Park. Quebec's Eastern Townships, a must-visit destination for riders of all levels. So come along for the ride and see what this amazing region has to offer! 

Typical Bromont terrain.

That's one way to deal with off camber rocks.

Traffic on the “P’tite Dernière” in Bromont.

The guide got some moves.

Riders: Greg Callaghan, Georgia Astle, Evan Wall and Dominick Ménard

Director/Editor/Cinematography: BLACKVAN Agence Créative | @blackvanagencecreative

Photographer: Guillaume Milette | @guillaumemilette

Special Thanks: Bromont Montagne d’Expériences, Mont Sutton, Wolf Bike Park.