British Columbia’s Sea to Sky corridor looks like it was made for mountain biking. The granite slabs are so grippy you can ride the impossible. Trails rip through forests of widely spaced trees and deep loam. Riding can feel like skiing on a powder day. On top of that, the landscape is so visually impressive that even the moments when you aren’t riding feel intense. 

North Vancouver local Steve Vanderhoek is used to the supernature of BC. Cam Zink, who spent most of his life in the Nevada desert, not so much. Watch Cam get a feel for the place by taking on some of the gnarliest moves in the Sea to Sky, with a little guidance from his friends. 

A Douglas Fir can grow to nearly 100m tall in BC. Zink for scale on the slab. 

Slapping turns on Diamond Head in Squamish. 

Can you guess which rider hasn’t hit this feature before?

They don't have slabs like this in Nevada.

One-foot table on Boogie Nights.

Riders: Cam Zink, Patrick Laffey, Drew Mozell, & Steve Vanderhoek
Director/Editor: Scott Secco
Cinematography: Andre Nutini & Scott Secco
Sound Design: Keith White Audio
Photographer: Kelsey Toevs 
Special Thanks: Yoann Barelli, Kenny Smith, & Evelyn Moorhouse