The new Devinci e-bikes are super stylish and absolutely loaded with features. These bikes bring an exciting new element to urban and leisure cycling that will surprise riders, commuters and anybody who sees one cruising along in their neighbourhood.

Oh, and every frame comes with a lifetime warranty. That’s a long time!


The E-Cartier is part of a new wave of hard-working, fun-loving bikes. Whether you're getting around the city, commuting, or trying to take the bike instead of the car. The powerful Shimano Steps motor and straight handlebars deliver a sporty ride and reliable power. The fully integrated design means that all the key accessories, like a digital display, rack, fenders, lights, and stand, come standard – all without looking or feeling clunky. No matter where you’re headed, the E-Cartier will boost your ride.


The E-Griffin takes the guesswork out of city and leisure biking. It’s built around a powerful Shimano Steps motor for reliable power on demand. No detail of the bike was overlooked. From the integrated handlebar display to the powerful hydraulic brakes, suspension fork and step-thru frame, it’s tailored to the needs and style of riding style. So you can ride often, with confidence.


Integrated display

Let’s you customize the ride data you view and how you view it. Speed, distance, trip time, clock, gear, estimated range, battery indication... The choice is yours.

Devinci e-Milano electric bike e-bike disc brakes

Hydraulic disc brakes

All weather performance.

Integrated lights

Safety on the road comes standard, so you can enjoy the ride, day or night.

Integrated accessories

Everything you need for a seamless ride comes standard. Hit the road with fenders, rear rack and a solid e-bike kickstand for when you’re not riding.

Integrated trouser guard

The lower position of the seat stay function as a chain guard and prevents your pants rubbing on the chain.

Front suspension and dropper seatpost

100 mm of suspension for added comfort and control, even at full speed. A dropper seatpost lets you easily put your feet on the ground when you stop.


E-Cartier LTD (EP8) E-Cartier (EP6) E-Griffin (EP8) E-Griffin Step-Thru (EP8) E-Griffin (EP6) E-Griffin Step-Thru (EP6)
Main use Urban & commuting Urban & commuting Leisure & commuting Leisure & commuting Leisure & commuting Leisure & commuting
Battery 725Wh 540Wh 725Wh 725Wh 540Wh 540Wh
Motor Shimano EP801 w/ 85Nm Shimano EP600 w/ 85Nm Shimano EP801 w/ 85Nm Shimano EP801 w/ 85Nm Shimano EP600 w/ 85Nm Shimano EP600 w/ 85Nm
(Eco mode - optimal conditions)
200km 150km 200km 200km 150km 150km
Suspension travel 100mm 80mm 80mm 80mm 80mm 80mm
Color Matte / Green Gold Gloss / Green Lux Gloss / Goldland Gloss / Morning Dew Gloss / Goldland Gloss / Morning Dew