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Whatever you do, don’t throw it in the trash!


Devinci is a proud member of the first industry-wide e-bike battery recycling program, administered by Call2Recycle, the largest, most reliable battery recycling program in North America, and endorsed by PeopleForBikes, a national bicycling advocacy organization and the bicycle industry’s trade association. Devinci has united with more than 40 bike industry leaders to support this first-of-its-kind, nationwide initiative to ensure that batteries are safely and responsibly managed at their end-of-life.

E-bike battery recycling

How does it work?

Use the online locator to find the nearest e-bike battery drop off location – available in both the U.S. and in Canada.  And watch out for your local participating Devinci dealer: there will be more and more of them in the coming months! The trained collection sites will first inspect your battery, properly package, and then ship it to an approved recycling facility where materials will be recovered and used to manufacture new products, including new batteries.

Remember, when your battery reaches its end-of-life, it needs to be specially handled to keep the environment, people, and property safe. Never put the bike battery in the trash or in a recycling bin.

Taking the battery out of an E-Troy
Devinci e-MTBs 725Wh batteries

What happens next?

Once you drop off your battery at a Devinci dealer or a drop-off location,

  1. Your Devinci dealer classifies and packages batteries as end-of-life or damaged/defective;
  2. Your Devinci dealer arranges the battery shipment for recycling;
  3. The recycling facility processes the e-bike battery.
  4. Once processed, the recovered materials from your e-bike battery are used to manufacture new products, including new batteries.
Devinci e-Spartan with Battery
A Devinci E-Troy with its 725Wh battery pack

Who are our partners?

PeopleForBikes: A national bicycling advocacy organization and the bicycle industry’s trade association, with knowledge of the e-bike industry and bike policy at all levels of government.

Call2Recycle: A non-profit, turnkey battery management leader with extensive experience in safe battery collection, logistics, and responsible recycling.