What is an electric bike?

For Devinci, electrification is the main way to make cycling more accessible to a greater number of people. An ebike means more outings, more fun, less road vehicles and better quality of life.

But what are ebikes at Devinci? It’s simple, they are electric power-assisted bicycles. Out with the myth of motorbikes. You must pedal to move forward.

Devinci eGriffin ebike commuting on a bridge over a river

Basically, a quality motor and a high-capacity battery are added, and the more you pedal, the more the system sustains your momentum. Our bikes do not have a throttle and can be used even without assistance.

The good news is that our bikes, the E-Milano, E-Cartier, E-Griffin, E-Hatchet, E-Troy, E-Spartan and EP series enable you to go further and get more enjoyment out of them. The added motor and battery make ebikes heavier than regular ones, but don’t worry, we’ll give you enough to compensate for the extra weight, even a little more, just to have a bit more fun.

How do you choose your ebike?

First, ask yourself what you will do with your bike. A weekend spin or a family outing? Discover our range of e-bikes designed for leisure and to take you even further: the E-Griffin and the E-Milano.

Looking to replace your bus commute by a bike ride? Want to scale down to one vehicle? Want to beat rush hour by getting some exercise? Look no further, the E-Cartier series is for you. True urban beasts that will get you to your destination without breaking a sweat.

Devinci eCartier commuting in the city

Going out to hit the pavement or gravel roads? Give the E-Hatchet a try to tackle steep hills typical of gravel rides.

With the E-Troy, E-Spartan and EP, the most distant trails and the highest peaks will no longer hold any secrets for you. Climbing is now part of the fun, and with more climbing comes more shredding.

What else?

Electric power-assisted bicycles are also heavier than regular bikes that we’re used to. This is why Devinci bikes are also equipped with powerful disc brakes, as well as a series of upgrades to frames and other components to ensure the same quality and durability as our standard bikes.

Devinci eGriffin ebike riding on pavement