Photos: Andy Vathis

The Downhill World Cup was back with a second double header of the season. Lousa hosted a race of the circuit for the very first time. This is also the final event of the year where the champions of the 2020 series would be crowned.

Dakotah Norton once again demonstrated his speed and his skills! A second career podium for the American. His last podium was in 2018 in Croatia.

Here are the best images from our weekend in Lousa!

RACE 1 : Friday October 30th

What a day! Couldn’t be more stoked. I kind a rode off that podium once the last few dudes started coming down. I thought I had a good one and then wasn’t too sure about it. I finally pulled one together and showed the speed that I feel I have. It’s really amazing, I’m over the moon about this weekend. To get a world cup podium was one of the best and worst things that has ever happened to me, to get one more has in my opinion solidified me as one of the faster racers. I’ve said I’m a top-10 guy and a podium contender before, but before you do it again it makes it even harder for you to believe it. Couldn’t ask for a better day and I’m excited to get back in the starting gates. 

– Dakotah Norton

I did good in the top part of the race run but started to loose front wheel traction on one of the wet turns after the first split. I managed to stay on the bike, but I lost some speed and momentum. I went smooth after that, all the way to the last steep section where I did another mistake. I know I have the right speed, but I have to do a clean run and the result will be great.

– said Jure Zabjek after his first race run of the weekend


Dakotah Norton 5th
Jure Zabjek 33th

RACE 2 : Sunday November 1st

No one has the power to fight against Mother Nature's will. When she decides ... she decides! And it turns out that Jure and Dakotah both received a lot of the rain and fog that disrupted Sunday's finals. We never like to make excuses, but this time around they really didn't have a lot of options. Both attacked as best they could and it worked slightly better for Jure, but nowhere near his personal expectations and goals.
Dakotah was on an excellent descent, which would have probably allowed him to break through the top 10. Unfortunately, a bad line at the bottom of the course caused him to go off the track which he could not avoid.

Season was hard for sure, as we didn’t know what will happen with the events and all of the cancellations. We’re all happy that we did have couple of races and I proved that I can be really fast. But it was hard for me to focus and I knew I only have couple of rounds to prove myself. In Maribor I showed that I can be constantly in the top-20. This time around I wanted to show that I can do much better. I made a mistake on the first race, but today I was really unlucky with the weather, which is something totally out of my control.

– Jure Zabjek

Bummed about the race today, but still proud of myself for going forward in the conditions. I wish we’re still going racing; I think I have good speed and good fitness. I worked really hard and didn’t get a chance to prove it. I know we had glimpses of being on a podium and having really, really competitive splits with the top dudes, but want more racing right now.

Time to go back home with that feeling of walking away from the finish line with your tire unbeaded and knowing you were that close. This gives me something to go into offseason and put my head down and work really hard to be where I need to be for the next season.

– Dakotah Norton


Dakotah Norton 59th
Jure Zabjek 40th

2020 World Cup Overall Standing Results:

Dakotah Norton 15th
Jure Zabjek 26th