Just like adults, young riders need the right bike for the right kind of riding. At Devinci, we strongly believe that opting for a quality bike and choosing a model suited to their needs will ensure that their learning and first adventures on two wheels are as positive as possible. Whether it's for family rides, trips to the park, exploring the neighborhood woods, or their first mountain bike ride, we've got what you need. Because we're parents too, and we know what a reliable bike is all about!

Designed for safe progression

Devinci offers a diverse range of bikes for kids. From 20'' to 27.5'', including 24'' wheels, from our classic Ewoc to the Marshall 27.5, our kids bikes lineup is tailored to the realities of mountain biking and the genuine needs of your children while also considering those of the parents.

We understand that purchasing a mountain bike for your child involves a variety of factors, from price to safety considerations. All our children's mountain bikes are built to last, be visible, and withstand the rigors of the terrain, and probably a few falls too! Our kids bikes may be categorized as 'mountain' bikes but rest assured, they can do it all; pedalling in the neighborhood, going to the park, discovering the nearby woods, crossing the biggest mud puddles, and more!

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3 bikes

Marshall 27.5 Deore 12S


  • Made in Canada
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Marshall 27.5 SX 12S


  • Made in Canada
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Ewoc FS SX 12s


  • Made in Canada
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What bike size should I choose for my child?

When discussing bike sizes, there are some differences between adult and children's bikes. For adults, we generally measure the frame, while for children, we measure the size of the wheels. For kids' bikes, the wheels range from 12 inches to 27.5 inches. At Devinci, our models range from 20 to 27.5 inches, as we mainly offer kids mountain bikes.

Generally, the child's age is a good starting point for determining the right bike size your kid will need. Then, considering their height and also their skill level, you should be able to make a good choice. If your child falls between two sizes, choose the larger size if they are more comfortable and skilled on a bike. And in the case of your kid just starting and being less experienced, we recommend opting for the smaller size.

With all of this, we promise that starting your mountain biking journey with a Devinci will be a smart choice for you and your family.

Let's go!

Still unsure about which bike to choose or what size to go for? Visit your local Devinci dealer with your child. You will be able to see our different models in person, try out the different sizes, and find the perfect bike for your kid.

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