There’s something about fall weather that makes you want to go to new places and see new horizons. So that’s exactly what we did. We headed to the Jacques-Cartier National Park which is located about 45 minutes north of Quebec city. It is filled with gravel roads and tiny and winding singletracks. 

Fall is when the park becomes the most calm. Summer tourism is over and winter activities have not started yet. The perfect time to pedal for kilometers without meeting a single soul on the way. 

By Gabrielle & Laurie | Photos: Jean-Sébastien Chartier-Plante

We headed out for a two day trip alongside the Jacques-Cartier River and the Sautauriski river. On the first day, we rode on tiny singletracks for most of the day. The thick forest was surrounding us, making us feel like we were thousands of kilometers away from anyone. We crossed a few rivers on some quite sketchy bridges. The weather was chill but still very manageable. We made it to our cabin around 3 pm which gave us some time to walk around and then start the fire and get cozy. We spent some time checking out the maps to plan the next ride. 

On the second day, we rode around the cabin on some wider gravel roads. We did a back and forth trip to the Sautauriski lake. The weather was a bit colder, but the vibes were at an all time high. The views to the lake were astoninshing. A nice way to extend the cycling season.