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  • Made in Canada
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*THE PERFECT FIT Please note that only Devinci authorized retailers are able to advise you properly on the correct bike size. Please visit your nearest store so they can analyze your needs. In the case of internet shopping, it is equally important to provide the necessary measurements (e.g. inseam length) so that the retailer can give you the correct information.

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  • Made in Canada
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Standard Boost 148

Frames designed around Boost 148 offer ample tire clearance so you can take advantage of improved wheel stiffness.

Frame protection

1) Molded polyurethane on chainstay upper / lower valiantly blocks, deflects and defends.

2) Fiber-reinforced Nylon battery protector shields your power source from wear and tear.

3) Cast-alloy motor features a flexible Nylon protector that fights rocks and loose debris.

FRG adjustable

FRG adjustable technology allows you to customize your ride to personal preference or specific trail type using a flip-flop pivot mechanism that changes the bike's geometry to either a low or high position. FRG bikes are quick and aggressive at lower speeds, with added stability at high speeds. Combined with a super low stand-over-height, these agile, FRG bikes deliver precise handling and power transfer that reacts immediately and intuitively to rider input.

eMTB optimized Split Pivot

Separates acceleration forces from braking forces for a buttery smooth ride complemented by hyperactive small-bump compliance. Additionally, optimized kinematics keeps the ebike suspension active, even when accelerating, for added torque and improved overall traction.

Revamped shock tune

Heightened small bump sensitivity and a progressive feel, plus the ability to run lower pressure while maintaining optimal bottom resistance.

Molded chainstay protector

Reinforced chainstay protectors enhance durability for the rugged ride ahead.


Take on steep climbs and tough trails in full confidence with 85Nm increased maximum torque. EP8 delivers smooth, direct power to ensure you’re always in complete control while experiencing a natural ride feeling.

Switch unit (shifter)

Switch between Boost, Trail, Eco and Walk settings in a flash.


Ultra-durable, powerful battery designed for the rigors of mountain biking. Supported travel up to 100km on one charge.

Dropout speed sensor

Clean, streamlined solution to clunky, outdated spoke magnets, with internalized cable routing for less rattle.

Asymectric construction

Milking the most performance out of every frame angle for improved torsional stiffness.

Updated Geometry

Modern trail bike geometry featuring a 10mm longer reach and degree slacker head angle for confidently tackling technical sections, while steeper seat tube angle helps you motor up the climbs.

Dropper post compatibility

AC: S:100 M:125 L:150 XL:170
EP/DC 29 : S:125 M:150 L:170 XL:170

Chainguide equiped

Ultra-tough, lightweight e*thirteen chainguide for headache-free chain-holding security.

Lifetime warranty

Riding passions last a lifetime. Now your bike does too.

27.5 x 2.8 / 29 x 2.6'' maximum tire clearance

AC : 27.5 x 2.8
DC/EP 29 : 29 x 2.6

Internal cable routing

Internal cable routing

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