Changing the world, one city at a time

Known as a vector of sustainable innovation, PBSC offers two regular bicycle models: the ICONIC and the FIT and two pedal assisted bicycles: the BOOST and the E-FIT. 90,000 bicycles criss-cross the streets of major cities around the world, including: Montreal and Toronto but also London, Barcelona, Monaco, Dubai, Rio de Janeiro, Honolulu, Aspen and many others. More than 400 million rides have been made to date. Cycles Devinci is proud to develop and manufacture right here in Canada each and every bike that PBSC has deployed around the world since 2009.

It all started in Montreal. BIXI is the very first bike share system launched by PBSC and the first in North America. The network has experienced strong growth over the years and is now going electric with the addition of E-FIT to the current impressive fleet of ICONIC bikes.

The quality of our offer is a guarantee of success and our pride in Quebec to contribute to changing the world, one city at a time!