Ben crinqué!
Ben crinqué!


A whole month has already gone by since the very first Grinduro in Canada… or rather, only eleven months to go before the next one! Grinduro has the perfect party-to-race ratio. At Devinci, we were looking forward to introducing the concept to people here. First because we love the formula, but also because we’re crazy about the Hatchet, our new gravel bike. With our huge outdoor playground, the gravel bike offers a world of possibilities. To hell with constraints! Paved or unpaved, you can hit any road with this beauty! And Grinduro was just the event to demonstrate the full potential of the Hatchet.

With its landscapes and countless forest trails, Saint-Urbain-de-Charlevoix had everything for a tough and magnificent course. Remember that out of the 104 km to complete, only 18 km were timed in four distinct segments. This is a format that allows participants to enjoy the beautiful scenery while riding with friends. The occasion was doubly special since a good part of the course took participants into private land, an access that was allowed exclusively for the event.

Grinduro also means good food, with out-of-the-ordinary feed zone. Having a wood-fired pizza at 10am is definitely special. But with 2300 metres to climb, better to stack the odds in your favour!

The festive side of Grinduro is shown in many ways. On-site camping for two days obviously adds to the charm of the experience. But there’s also a buzzing excitement in the air that’s impossible to describe.

Here are some of our event favourites :

- The locals – they were so welcoming to our participants from all over the globe!
- Giro – because they trusted us by bringing the event to Canada. We wanted it so bad!
- The temperature – only sunshine for two days straight.
- All the 80s music – thanks to the Karma Kameleons for the amazing show!
- French Kiss, a delicious beer from the Microbrasserie de Charlevoix.
- The grilled cheeses from the À chacun son pain kiosk. They were all so delish!
- The moose mascot, because we can’t get enough of it!
- The painter Humberto Pinochet – a larger than life character.
- The Bloody Caesars and the barber chair of our friends at Giro.
- The party animals who partied with us until the very end, including the mayor!
- Velo Charlevoix for their expertise and their planning of the course – hats off to these passionate enthusiasts.
- Rapha and their braves, with their “Hangover Ride” (Next year, we'll be there!).

How about you? Will YOU be there?
Get stoked!

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