Steve Smith
Steve Smith // 1989-2016


The fastest way down any given trail—Vancouver Island-native Steve Smith had a knack for finding it.

During his time on the World Cup circuit, the Canadian Chainsaw, sporting his signature mustache and mischievous smile, brought a ferocious determination to the track. That drive propelled him to the top of the podiums, and those summiting achievements culminated in his World Cup Overall victory, in 2013.

The year was a blur: 1st at Leogang; 1st at Hafjell, 1st at Mont-Sainte-Anne. From humble beginnings to household name, Smith had come to symbolize what could be achieved on a bike.

Smith mentored. He uplifted. He inspired. And he captured hearts along the way. But two years ago, in the spring of 2016, those hearts were collectively broken. The bright, cheerful spirit we had come to know and love had fallen victim to a tragic motorcycle accident. It was an unexpected finish line. And it was something that, for the first time since knowing Steve, had come too fast.

This month marks the second anniversary of Smith’s untimely passing. His was a life well lived—both on and off the bike. We miss you everyday, Steve.

“It’s just another bike race, eh. Go as fast as I can, it should work out.” —Steve Smith
During his short time on the track, Steve Smith rocketed to the top of the international downhill ranks, becoming a race-dominating force and snatching the UCI World Cup Overall Title in 2013. Smith tragically passed away last year. Today, his infectious influence on our company, as well as with young and aspiring gravity racers around the world, lives on through the SSLF’s important work.

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