Voodoo Child
100% Traction ! The Marshall series
The Marshall* experience is all about taking the unorthodox and owning it. It excels in mixed-bag elements and tackles varied, unforgiving terrain with the multitasking muscle of Devinci’s Optimum G04 Aluminum or DMC-G Carbon frame paired with proven Split-Pivot suspension. Surefooted 27.5 wheels enhance traction on slippery surfaces and deliver appreciated stability. And Boost spacing bolsters stiffness for superior handling meets massive pedal power. Charge hard with bikes equipped for one burning desire, to go anywhere and everywhere the others won’t.

[*This bike was formerly called the Hendrix. The current incarnation takes its handle from Jimi’s middle name, Marshall. And it rocks just as hard.]

Q&A with Julien Boulais, Marketing Manager – Devinci

When this bike was introduced it was called the Hendrix. It’s been renamed to Jimi’s middle name, Marshall. You guys have quite a unique way of naming your models. What was the inspiration behind the naming of this one, and why the change?
We usually consider famous or fictitious characters to name our bikes. Since we were introducing a new category and we wanted this segment to have its own vibe, we started looking on the music side. Many of us were pushing for Hendrix and when we saw he died at age 27.5+ (27 years and 295 days old to be more precise) it was a perfect fit. Unfortunately, some other company was unhappy with our name selection, forcing us to change the name due potential trademark issues. We didn’t want to completely abandon Jimi’s name so we went for the middle name: Marshall. We also think that big volume amps and big volume tires is a nice pairing.

We came away from this bike feeling like it was one of the most “normal” feeling 27+ bikes we’ve ridden. How did you accomplish this?
This was the goal since we started working on the Marshall project. The key was to design the bike as a 27.5+ platform, not a 29er that fits plus size tires. By doing so, we were able to optimize the bike’s performance while considering the different characteristics of the bigger wheels, for example taking into account the tire damping in our shock tune. So far it proved to be very effective; the Marshall has converted a lot of non-believer to the plus size advantage.

People keep saying that plus tires are for beginners and less aggressive riders. Do you agree with that sentiment? What kind of rider and terrain was this bike designed for?
The Marshall was designed for riders looking for added traction. Perhaps someone that lives where winter ridding means mud fest, or loose sand, or someone that rides roots infested trails and simply wants to plow over them. The aggressive angle that the bike features can help the beginners with more stability while providing the right position for aggressive riders to handle more technical and steep trails. We think that more advanced riders can have a blast with plus sized bikes as well; it’s just a matter of choosing the right tires for the right rider. Let’s not forget about intermediate riders, who benefit from the added traction and forgiveness of the bigger tires, making them better and faster riders.

ST (MM)410435470500
SA (DEG)74.874.874.874.8
HA (DEG)67.367.367.367.3
TT (MM)578602625650
REACH (MM)422442462482
CS (MM)435435435435
WB (MM)1150117411971223
BBH (MM)336336336336
SOH (MM)708718732745
STACK (MM)597606616629
HT (MM)105115125140
*SIZING (CM)152-171169-180178-187185-193
ST (MM)410435470500
HA (DEG)67.767.767.767.7
TT (MM)577600623649
REACH (MM)426446466486
CS (MM)433433433433
WB (MM)1148117211951221
BBH (MM)343343343343
SOH (MM)714724737751
STACK (MM)601607620633
HT (MM)105115125140
*SIZING (CM)152-171169-180178-187185-193

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